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350-701 Online Practice Questions and Answers

Questions 4

Which posture assessment requirement provides options to the client for remediation and requires the remediation within a certain timeframe?

A. Audit

B. Mandatory

C. Optional

D. Visibility

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Questions 5

Which license is required for Cisco Security Intelligence to work on the Cisco Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System?

A. control

B. malware

C. URL filtering

D. protect

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Questions 6

What is a functional difference between a Cisco ASA and a Cisco IOS router with Zone-based policy firewall?

A. The Cisco ASA denies all traffic by default whereas the Cisco IOS router with Zone-Based Policy Firewall starts out by allowing all traffic, even on untrusted interfaces

B. The Cisco IOS router with Zone-Based Policy Firewall can be configured for high availability, whereas the Cisco ASA cannot

C. The Cisco IOS router with Zone-Based Policy Firewall denies all traffic by default, whereas the Cisco ASA starts out by allowing all traffic until rules are added

D. The Cisco ASA can be configured for high availability whereas the Cisco IOS router with Zone-Based Policy Firewall cannot

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Questions 7

A network engineer has been tasked with adding a new medical device to the network. Cisco ISE is being used as the NAC server, and the new device does not have a supplicant available. What must be done in order to securely connect this device to the network?

A. Use MAB with profiling

B. Use MAB with posture assessment.

C. Use 802.1X with posture assessment.

D. Use 802.1X with profiling.

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Questions 8

In a PaaS model, which layer is the tenant responsible for maintaining and patching?

A. hypervisor

B. virtual machine

C. network

D. application

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Questions 9

Which benefit does DMVPN provide over GETVPN?

A. DMVPN supports QoS, multicast, and routing, and GETVPN supports only QoS.

B. DMVPN is a tunnel-less VPN, and GETVPN is tunnel-based.

C. DMVPN supports non-IP protocols, and GETVPN supports only IP protocols.

D. DMVPN can be used over the public Internet, and GETVPN requires a private network.

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Questions 10

What is a feature of NetFlow Secure Event Logging?

A. It exports only records that indicate significant events in a flow.

B. It filters NSEL events based on the traffic and event type through RSVP.

C. It delivers data records to NSEL collectors through NetFlow over TCP only.

D. It supports v5 and v8 templates.

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Questions 11

A company has 5000 Windows users on its campus. Which two precautions should IT take to prevent WannaCry ransomware from spreading to all clients? (Choose two.)

A. Segment different departments to different IP blocks and enable Dynamic ARp inspection on all VLANs

B. Ensure that noncompliant endpoints are segmented off to contain any potential damage.

C. Ensure that a user cannot enter the network of another department.

D. Perform a posture check to allow only network access to (hose Windows devices that are already patched.

E. Put all company users in the trusted segment of NGFW and put all servers to the DMZ segment of the Cisco NGFW. ni

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Questions 12

What is the most common type of data exfiltration that organizations currently experience?

A. HTTPS file upload site

B. Microsoft Windows network shares

C. SQL database injections

D. encrypted SMTP

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Questions 13

What are two benefits of using an MDM solution? (Choose two.)

A. grants administrators a way to remotely wipe a lost or stolen device

B. provides simple and streamlined login experience for multiple applications and users

C. native integration that helps secure applications across multiple cloud platforms or on-premises environments

D. encrypts data that is stored on endpoints

E. allows for centralized management of endpoint device applications and configurations

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